Real ULTIMATE SinX Guide!! Equipment, Skill with Tips Included!! [Ragnarok Origin Global]

Complete Guide for ROO Global Assassin Cross Guide, including Equipment, Skill, Cards, Verus Cogwheel, Feather, Statue, Medal Info & Tips.

Katar Build for Grimtooth, Meteor Assault is no good as Soul Breaker build in the current patch, unless the dev buffs them, or Nerf Soul Breaker lol.
Why Katar is bad, was explained in the video:

Data is based on TW which is the same as Global.
The Korea server is not the same as Global. so don’t read too much info from there.

0:00 Intro
1:11 Leveling Spot
2:05 Weapon Choice Explained
3:50 Stats Build
5:24 Skill Build
6:39 Soul Breaker Equipment & Cards
7:31 Best SinX Pet
7:37 Skill Tree
8:26 Verus Core
9:20 Agi Crit Equipment & Cards
11:06 Why Katar Build Explained
12:15 Agi Crit vs Soul Breaker
13:33 TW Class Tier List

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